Dear Online Entrepreneur

Let's take a look into the future...


Market research firm emarketeer puts online sales in excess of $3.5 Trillion by 2019 (just a few years away)


Worldwide broadband take up & use is growing at a phenomenal exponential rate and as such has changed people's surfing habits into shopping online being the norm. puts the total worldwide Internet users at 3,366,261,156 which is 46.4% of the worlds population and growing!


Online advertising exceeded £170Billion in 2015. Strategy Analytics' predicts that Global Online Advertising will pass $252 Billion by 2018


Over 300 million adults made purchases online after completing their research online. More than catalogues and telemarketing combined. In the US alone 78% of adults online made purchases over the web.

If you're not taking advantage of this online business growth the future can look pretty scary

But Here's The Great News

It's not too late for you if...

1) You recognise the potential of the Internet and want to harness it to develop your own business.

2) You know the Internet side of your existing business should be doing a hell of a lot better than it currently is.

If this is you, then you can benefit today because I'm handing you TWO months of my Gold Newsletter Membership and FULL access to the Membership Website for just $19.95

YES, that's right, I'm going to give you 2 months Gold Membership to the Internet Marketing Review including the brand new weekly training modules and make your head spin with Five marketing bonuses just to get you to try out the Gold Membership, (I'll explain why later)...

Here's what's included with your Internet Marketing Review Gold Membership:-

1) For the next two months you'll receive the Internet Marketing Review PRINTED Newsletter free. Each issue is packed with 16 to 20 pages of cutting edge marketing and product development information and sent direct to you in the post each month.

2) And each month you'll have access to business building reports on specific topics such as Traffic Generation, List Building, Email Marketing, Social Media, Product Development, Market Research and More!


3) You also have COMPLETE and unrestricted access to the Internet Marketing Review Online Training Resource.

This unique resource contains hundreds of specific 'How To' articles, Training Videos, Full Feature Videos, MP3 Audios covering the many different aspects of running an online business, Downloadable Tools, Templates and Resources and a LIVELY Discussion Forum where you can post any questions you may have or simply post your thoughts and comments. Our members are always willing to help each other out and you get direct access to me on this site as well.

Internet Marketing Review

Existing members call it their "Internet Marketing Bible" as each issue AND the Membership Website detail not just leading marketing strategies covering the different aspects of successful online promotion but also...


Included on The Internet Marketing Review Training Website for new members are 9 Fast Start Video Training Modules that are designed for the beginner to help them get going quickly.

Plus, we also included several advanced training modules for people who already have their own online business and want to take it to the next level.

The modules are released on a weekly basis and will lead you through the steps of starting and growing your own online business; PLUS taking the business you already have and increasing your website visitors, growing your email list, improving your conversions and catapulting your profits.

Each week there's a valuable lesson for the beginner and experienced marketer alike.

(Even the most experienced marketer will discover something new in these weekly training sessions)

The Training Schedule

Training Module 1

How to Get The Most From These Unique Training Modules

How to get the most from the Internet Marketing Review and weekly training modules if you're just starting out. Understand how you personally learn and use this very powerful session to quickly start your online empire.

21 Online Marketing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Before you even get started we'll show you the pitfalls we see people making and importantly, how to avoid them in your business. This module alone will save you an immense amount of time avoiding mistakes most people make as well as saving you thousands of pounds in potential lost income.

Training Module 2

How to Choose A Topic & Market For Your Business

There are many, many opportunities online when starting out and researching those ideas (and understanding HOW to research) will be the difference between a successful web business and a poor one.

If you pick a market with little opportunity then you'll be doomed to pounding away trying to make a small (if any) income online. However with the right knowledge and know how you'll be able to spot a winning market and generate those big profits time and time again.

In this training video you'll see the step by step process we use for generating ideas that we can use to either go into a new market or create new products about.

This simple but very powerful training video will help you formulate a plan and pick the ideas you want to work with including how to generate your own ideas, quickly.

You'll see whether it's right to choose a market you have an interest in or should you simply 'follow the money'?

When you have your idea you can then compare it against our 'Circle of Three Ps'. Does your idea match up to all three?

If it does you're onto a winner...if not then it may be worth putting it to one side for now.

Training Module 3

Researching And Testing Your Idea BEFORE
You Waste Any Time Or Money

This module will save you both time and money...I guarantee it. I see far too many people jump right in to a project without first doing the basic research to see if their idea is a winner.

Today it is far easier to research a market and you can quickly understand if you have an idea that will make you big money or a dud that will suck time and resources from you.

During this training you'll see the research we undertake for new projects, the sites we visit AND exactly what we look for.

Follow these steps and your chances of success online are multiplied tenfold, miss them out and you may as well be at the mercy of the roll of a dice.

Training Module 4

Decisions Decisions. What To Do First, Create
A Product Or Build Your List?

In this training module we look at the decision all online marketers must take when starting off in a new venture.

You've done your research, found an ideal market and understand what that market wants to buy. (As revealed in module 3).

During this training we'll show you how to start making an impact in your chosen market, how to start building your own email list AND building a relationship with your list.

You'll see how we do this using a very simple website PLUS how to set this up yourself or have others do it for you for as little as $50!

Following the easy steps in this module you'll soon have a list of people who are ready, eager and waiting for you to release your first product...causing a flood of orders and profit the day you are ready to go!

Training Module 5

How To Create Your First Product (or have others create it for you)

In this module we outline the complete step by step process for creating your very first product.

I'm a big believer in speed and getting your idea to making money quickly and the same goes for product creation.

I'll show you my two favourite products I like to use when going into a new market and how to create them FAST.

You'll see how to pull together high value products that you can either create yourself (not recommended) or how to have others create them for you for pennies in the pound. (The best way!)

I'll give you my secret OPS + MK = P formula and what it means to you in your business - HINT - understand this and you'll catapult your profits quickly.

You may have heard the term 'outsource' but far too many people use this term without understanding the true potential AND the pitfalls. During this module I'll reveal the blueprint we use when outsourcing our tasks including where to go, who to use AND what to say.

At the end of this training you will have your own high profit product ready to sell.

Training Module 6

Advanced Training - Price Profit & Position

In this advanced training module we'll reveal to you how a good understanding of the psychology of pricing will not only help you make more profits it will also enable you to dominate your market and leave your competitors wondering how on earth you do what you do!

You'll discover

10 clever ways to raise your current profits

The unsustainable advantage that many business owners use that
YOU must absolutely avoid like the plague

Dare to go in your business where no one else does and reap the
rewards with ease

How to overcome your fears and (incorrect) assumptions about price

Understand when P + P = BP (This simple formula will MAKE you
thousands extra)

How to use price to DOMINATE your market

When to use a ULTRA high price product to increase sales across
the board

Training Module 7

Advanced Training - Copy Connectors

When I first started out in this business I looked at copywriting as an unavoidable evil that had to be done to sell my products. I didn't enjoy sitting down to craft a sales letter, although I hated the thought of spending thousands to have someone else write it for me more!

I still remember the first letter I ever wrote and boy was it bad, BUT... it sold... and that ignited my interest in copywriting.

Since 1998 we have created sales letters and marketing pieces that have brought in millions of pounds in sales and continue to do so to this day.

In fact we recently ran a new product launch in one of our business markets that brought in over $413,128 in less than 4 weeks. All this was down to the copy on the website and the marketing pieces sent.

During this insightful, informative a business changing session you'll discover:

How to craft easy sales copy that SELLS!

The essential tipping points of great copy

How to REALLY understand your customer and what their inner most
desires, hopes dreams and fears really are

Which exercise you can use to step into your customers shoes and
see your products and services through their eyes (this will be
revealing to you as a marketer...I promise)

The SIMPLE exercise you MUST do to create copy that sells...every

Discover the psychological techniques you can use in your copy that
will have your readers rushing to buy from you

The building blocks of great copy

Understand why people don't buy and how you can overcome these
reasons every time.

Training Module 8

The Secrets To Winning With Your Marketing

During this module you'll see the simple secret to great success with your marketing and how to use these steps in any niche you work in.

I'll break down the results from following this system so you'll FULLY understand the power behind - I even show you the numbers and you'll see why there's no argument to its success when they're shown.

If you've been marketing online for any length of time then I URGE you to watch this video as's not just for new people.

In fact I guarantee even the most experienced marketer will nod their head in agreement and be kicking themselves for what they're NOT doing in their business.

If you're new to the world of online marketing then this will be key to your success.

Get ready to make some notes :-)

Training Module 9

Powerful Blog Marketing Techniques

99% of blogs I visit all make this one mistake and are potentially losing out on thousands in lost profits.

However, the mistake I'll show you is easily fixable and during this training module you'll discover 7 techniques you can use on your blog and in your marketing to increase your email list, bring more people to your website, boost profits, encourage interaction with your visitors and have people following your instructions.

Simple, powerful and easy to implement.

We Don't Just Write About It...We Do It As Well!

What you won't find in the Internet Marketing Review is fluff. No out of date ideas, no theory of what might, should or perhaps work…no untried tactics or unproven strategies.

Let me introduce myself...

Neil Stafford

And if all that wasn't enough...

Here Are Your Exclusive Marketing Bonuses Just
For Taking Me Up On My Gold Membership Offer

As well as the training modules you'll also receive the following bonuses when you take out a two month trial to the Internet Marketing Review today.

Top Ten Traffic TipsTop Ten Traffic Tips CD

If you're stuck for ways to bring people to your website then simply pop in this CD and start jotting down the 10 different tactics I outline for you. I recommend you then simply implement one or two and see the difference it makes to your web visitors.

These are simple, easy and fast traffic techniques that you can start using immediately and see results quickly. Value $47

SEO Keyword ResearchPowerful SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation on which to build your SEO marketing efforts on; whether that's in the written form such as articles and blog posts or video marketing where you create a video on a specific topic.

It all comes down to choosing the right keywords to attract the right (EG Buying) people to your website.

In this CD training I detail the process we use for our keyword research including the methods we use and the tools we make use of.

However we also reveal when NOT to use keyword research software and when it can be detrimental to your marketing efforts.

You'll be amazed at some of the simple methods we use to find the most profitable keywords in our markets. And just how easy it is for you to copy them.

Feedback from members who had invested $47 in this CD training in the past has been very positive and it's yours today for taking the Internet Marketing Review for a two month trial. Value $47

Niche MarketingHow To Choose A Winning Niche Market

Going hand in hand with the training module this CD training will help you choose a winning market for you to develop your online business in.

Over the years I have successfully launched new web businesses in a variety of niche markets as diverse as soccer training to Chinese cooking...from training to pottery and more.

The secret to this success is being able to identify winning markets and ideas. The rest is simple once you know how. I recommend you listen to this CD each time you're considering entering a new market or expanding in the one you're already in! Value $47

Success SecretsSuccess Secrets Revealed CD

Over the years many people have asked me about the secret to my success online and in helping people just like you start and grow their own online business.

On this CD I reveal what I consider the critical secrets to success and how I use them every day in my business and personal life.

Some are obvious and you'll find yourself nodding in agreement where others are unique to us and have never heard others talk about them. Value $47

Gold Member Call In DaysGold Member Only Call In days

Several times throughout the year we hold call in days where you can call directly into the office and speak to me on any aspect of your business.

Give me the facts and i'll help you develop your ideas and business. Many members have reported breakthrough ideas and results from these calls alone! Value $197


Okay Neil What's The Catch?

Why would I make you such an offer? After publishing the Newsletter for over 16 years now I've never done anything like this before…

So why start now?

Well, me and the team sat down and brainstormed how we can help more potential members create the lifestyle they want that comes from running an online business.

One idea suggested was that we give new members 2 months to test drive the Newsletter, the Online Training Site and keep all of the bonuses as well no matter what.

You see, we are completely confident that after receiving the Newsletter and going through all of the bonuses you'll discover new ways to start or grow your business, new ideas, techniques and strategies that you'll be hooked and join the army of other successful members who have profited from us year after year.

Look, if I put tens of thousands of pounds of profit into your bank account you'll be crazy not to continue wouldn't you?

And if for any reason you feel we have not delivered on our promise then we don't deserve your money…it's that simple.

Here's How To Activate Your 2 Month Trial

To activate your 2 month trial you pay a ONE time charge of just $19.95 and this includes ALL of your New Member material and bonuses.

Then after 2 months I will automatically charge you just $47 per month, this is the lowest price that I offer the Gold Membership at.

Here's the best part, if after 2 months or anytime after you wish to cancel your membership simply give us a call at 01257 472120 (International +44 1257 472 120) and my office will STOP charging your credit card without question or hassle (you can also cancel by email or on the website itself). If you're not completely satisfied I don't deserve your money. AND you can keep all of the bonuses listed above.

Gold Memberships Are Limited

I will be offering Gold Memberships at $47 for a limited time only AND I'm going to do something I've never done before….limit the total number of Gold Members.

This is not a marketing gimmick, I will be raising the monthly subscription very soon. As more members join I will raise the membership to $67, then $97 and then I will close the doors completely and you will have to go onto a waiting list until a member leaves so you can take their place.


Simple, I can't offer the help and support to thousands of members. I don't want to neglect the existing members for a few extra's not worth risking the excellent service members currently receive. Member satisfaction is very important to us.

Two Conditions You Must Agree To As A Member

As I'll be sharing my inner most secrets with you every month there are 2 conditions that you must agree to: -

1) I understand that I must not share, disclose, publish or resell the information in anyway or I face cancellation of my membership. This is very straight forward.....the information I reveal in the Internet Marketing Review is for Members only, no one else.

You'll have a BIG advantage over your competition and I don't want to see the information I reveal appearing in flimsy $20 marketing eBooks or being resold on pirate sites.

2) I understand that I must put into practice what I learn as a member to gain the most benefit. You must make a commitment to use the techniques I teach you in the Newsletter. It would be a waste of my time and your time & money for you to do nothing. I'd rather you gave up your membership for someone else who will profit from it.

Go ahead and activate your Gold Membership today by clicking the button above. I will personally rush you your first issue and all of the marketing bonuses within 48 hours with my compliments....and all at my risk.

I look forward to welcoming you as a new member

Best wishes

Neil Stafford

Neil Stafford
Editor and Publisher

PS Don't delay, I will be increasing the price to $67, then $97 and close the doors completely once all of the Gold Memberships are taken.

Please note that this offer is for new members only

"I really don’t know how you do it, but
just keep up the good work"

"Hi Neil, Just thought I’d drop you a line to say thanks for all your help over the past few months. Whenever I phone or email if you are not around you always come back to me in a very short time, and talking of time, you have all the time in the world for me. As you are aware my knowledge of computers was nil until you answered every question I could throw at you. I really don’t know how you do it, but just keep up the good work. One very satisfied customer."

Kind regards, John Shinnie - Redditch, Worcs.


"I swear to God it would have taken me till the year 2525
to find all this information and know how myself."

Dear Neil,

I felt I had to write and thank you........ I learned more from you than I have been able to pick up from countless books and courses costing me thousands of pounds.

So many things which were simple for you were utterly beyond my comprehension until you demonstrated how easy it was. Things like, registering a domain name, getting it hosted, actually setting up a web site the easy way, a home page, a download page, to name but a few.

Then there was all those little hints on how to save time bouncing back and forth from place to place lining up the tools in a site to make it work without a hitch. And another classic was the simplest method of all on how to create a unique sales letter, without having to actually do it myself from scratch, bloody inspiring Neil.

Mustn't forget the explanations on paypal, and clickbank and how it can earn me money while I sleep. I swear to God it would have taken me till the year 2525 to find all this information and know how myself.

Listen, if there is anybody out there who needs confirmation of your skills and the ease in which you project your knowledge in such an easy to understand way, give them my phone number, I'll be delighted to recommend you to anyone who takes the time to ask.

John Fox-Kirk, Leeds


"I hope you don't mind but I have appointed you my mentor."


I just had to write and offer my congratulations on your current issue of Internet Marketing Review. "I Dare You To Succeed" is so educational in pointing out that one must take responsibility for one's own success.

Kind regards, Jeff

Jeff Cuckson, N. Ireland


"At last I’ve found someone...that I can trust to have a working
knowledge of all things Internet marketing from a UK perspective"

“As soon as it arrived I had a quick breeze through it and to say I’m impressed is an understatement. Having now gone through most of it in detail, I simply have to say... Oh My WORD!!!

Absolutely fantastic. “The hard copy news letter is a brilliant idea. “You’re simple-to-understand approach is fantastic and crucial to a shorter learning curve.

Already I can see the potential for an increase in revenue. “The fact you are from the UK is an extra special bonus as far as I’m concerned.

At last I’ve found someone on my own door step, so to speak, that I can trust to have a working knowledge of all things Internet marketing from a UK perspective.”

Patrick Jean-Paul-Denis,


"opened up several new marketing opportunities for us
that will generate a substantial profit..."

“...your Newsletter (Internet Marketing Review) has not only helped me personally understand web marketing, it has also helped me develop our ecommerce strategy .... the information you provided has opened up several new marketing opportunities for us that will generate a substantial profit.... Thanks!”

David Horan, Watford


"I think The Internet Marketing Review is great, and I really can’t say enough good things about it.

As a reader, the newsletter delivers some of the most highly useable Internet Marketing information... I highly recommend it"

Daren Ward - Website Designer & Internet Marketing Consultant.

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